On April 27, specialists of the regional special library took part in Nauryz-meiramy, held in the regional specialized school #8 for gifted children.



Director of the library K. Burambaeva thanked for the social partnership and presented a letter of Thanks to the school administration. And as part of the 50th anniversary of the library, our partners have left their wishes in the anniversary booklet. Also acquaintance with the book exhibition, prepared by the specialists of the regional special library "Nauryz - mangilik Eldin of Sultanate". The book exhibition presented materials from the library's book Fund on the celebration of Nauryz, its history, Kazakh national customs and traditions, both in conventional and specialized adapted formats.


As well as specialists of the library were in the jury for the evaluation of yurts, national ceremonies and dishes presented by students of grades 5-11 and their parents.