On June 28, 2019, the house of culture of Karatyubinsk district hosted a charity concert "From heart to heart" in the framework of a joint socio-cultural project

"the Way of good" organized by the WKO branch of the Kazakh society of the blind and the regional special library for blind and visually impaired citizens. The event was presented the book exhibition "bringer of light" and the special exhibition of titlerect.  In the concert program with musical performances were Amateur artists, members of the Kazakh Society of the Blind.  In the first part of the event, a theatrical performance of life in the village was shown.  Then was presented rooms about charity, about love of reading and books, as performed by the workers of the library there was a medley of songs by the famous composer, native of Karatyubinskaya area E. Hasangaliev. The concert program was closed by a satirical mini-sketch " do not dream!".At the end of the event, the organizers of the event were awarded letters of thanks from the Deputy akim of Karatyubinsk district Zh. Sultan.